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Organizations from Close the Gap Idaho Declare Support for Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative as Campaign Reaches 40,000 Signatures

BREAKING: April 5, 2018

Reclaim Idaho is pleased to announce at a press conference on Thursday April 5 at 12:15 at their offices at 4795 Emerald Street Boise that organizations from Close The Gap, which is a coalition of medical providers and health care advocates, have joined the Medicaid Expansion ballot campaign that will allow voters to decide if Idaho should accept the estimated $500 million annually that provides coverage for the uninsured.  “They believe we will succeed and so do we,” said Tracy Olson, Ada County Co-Chair of the campaign to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot in November. 

“We are making tremendous progress with an estimated 40,000 valid signatures already collected. This initiative can happen,” said Sam Sandmire Ada County Co-Chair of the campaign. 

The campaign needs a total of 56,192 signatures and 6% of registered voters in 18 different districts.  

“We are on track for the total signature goal, but we need more volunteers to canvass in key districts to insure success,” Sandmire said. “We encourage people to volunteer now at”

The Idaho Legislature has considered many proposals for addressing this issue and this year a legislative committee sent a proposal to the House Floor, but leadership refused to allow a vote.  

“The Idaho Legislature gets an ‘F’ for not doing its job. The legislature continues to leave $500 million a year on the table that should go to Idahoans.  In the last 4 years, Idaho has left $2 billion in Washington DC,” said Olson. “Meanwhile, people are dying. For both fiscal and moral reasons, we must accept the funds that expanding Medicaid provides. It’s time for the people of Idaho to decide.”  

Idaho Voices for Children:
“The voters of Idaho have made their priorities loud and clear. They want health insurance to be more affordable and they want Idahoans to stop worrying about going bankrupt or going without lifesaving healthcare. We know that 76% of Idahoans want a solution to the coverage gap. We will work to insure they get a chance to vote for Medicaid Expansion this November.”

Lauren Necochea
Director - Idaho Voices for Children

Idaho Academy of Family Physicians:
"The Idaho Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors feels closing the health insurance coverage gap should be a decision of the voters in Idaho. With the lack of action on the part of the Legislature over the past several years, the voters need to determine if health care is their priority.  We need to allow the voters to decide on this important matter that affects so many of our neighbors and friends.”

Neva Santos
Executive Director - Idaho Academy of Family Physicians

Idaho Medical Association:
“The Idaho Medical Association is the largest organization in the state representing physicians of all specialties, geographic areas and practice settings. IMA strongly supports health coverage for all Idahoans, and our physicians are dedicated to helping the uninsured get access to the healthcare services they need. IMA has been a tireless advocate for various Medicaid expansion initiatives over the past six years in the legislative arena. Given the Legislature’s continued unwillingness to take action, IMA physicians will continue to fight for their uninsured patients by supporting a ballot initiative to put the question of Medicaid Expansion to the voters of Idaho.”

Susie Pouliot
CEO, Idaho Medical Association

208.344.7888  Office
208.401.8737  Mobile

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Ada County Co-Chairs – Medicaid for Idaho, An Initiative of Reclaim Idaho


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