Print the Petition and Start Getting Signatures Today!



1. download the two-page petition here and print.*

*Print two separate sheets, single-sided, and staple them together. If you would like to gather more than 12 signatures, print multiple copies. Important: each signature-sheet (page 2 of the document) must be attached to a copy of the initiative (page 1 of the document).

2. find 12 family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers and ask them to sign the petition.*

*For important requirements and tips for signature gathering, download our Instructions for Volunteer Signature Gatherers.

3. Have your petition sheet notarized at a local post office, a Local bank, or by a friend who has been designated as a notary public.

*For guidelines on how to become a Notary Public in Idaho, download our guidelines here.

4. submit your signed and notarized petition to your county leader, whose contact information you can find by scrolling down on this webpage. Alternatively, you can mail your signed and notarized petition to our campaign headquarters at:

reclaim idaho

4795 Emerald St. Ste I,

Boise, ID 83706

5. Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and begin again at step one! Together, with enough commitment from believers like you, we can win. 



Contact your County Leader. 

The best way to join our campaign is to contact your local county leader.* 

Ada County: Sam Sandmire (

Bannock County: Christine Stevens (

Bingham County: Morgan Craner (

Blaine County: Molly Page (

Bonner County: Theresa Renner (

Bonneville County: Leslie Smith (, 208-541-2020)

Boundary County: Debbie Flory (

Canyon County: Chelle Gluch (

Clearwater County: Dee Pomonio (

Idaho County: Ron Beitelspacher ( & Joe Cladouhos (

Kootenai County: Jessica Mahuron (

Latah County: Emily & Garrett Strizich (

Madison County: Marsha Craner (

Shoshone County: Judy Lewis (

Teton County: Lisa Newcomb (

Valley County: Bill Thomas (

*Is your county missing from the list? Email if you'd like to volunteer to be County Leader.