We are now in the final stretch of our campaign to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot. Every volunteer, every hour, and every signature is critical as we strive for the required 56,000 signatures statewide.

Please commit to covering a 1 to 2 hour shift by filling in the form below

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Please select a day or two (or three) below and we will follow up to find out the exact time that works for you to cover a 1 to 2 hour shift.

IMPORTANT INFO: When collecting signatures, please do the following:

  • Plan to come about 15 min. early to catch people as they are going into an event
  • Make sure each person who signs the ballot initiative is a registered voter in Idaho
  • Ask if they live in Latah County. You will need a separate sheet for each county.
  • Witness each signature.
  • When finished collecting signatures, have your form notarized (NOTE: DO NOT sign the bottom of the form until you are in the presence of a notary!)
  • Moscow folks: Drop off your completed, notarized forms at One World Café in downtown Moscow.
  • Call or text Garrett Strizich (406-249-6387) if you need a notary or if you have any other questions. Thanks for your efforts!
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