Medicaid for Idaho Campaign Gathers 10,000 Signatures in 45 Days

With 78,000 people needing health care coverage, Idaho has a crisis.

And it is self-imposed because leadership in our state legislature refuses to Expand Medicaid.

Because of this, WE THE PEOPLE have chosen to act.

In mid-December, we launched a statewide petition drive to get Medicaid Expansion on the ballot. 

Since then, in the dead of winter, volunteers have gathered over 10,000 signatures of registered voters who are tired of their money going out of state while Idahoans desperately need health care.

But here’s the best part. We defied expectations and exceeded our goal by 3,000 signatures without hiring a signature-collecting firm and without spending millions of dollars we were told we would need to be successful.

Volunteers have stepped up all across and up and down the state and the petitions keep rolling in. 

County Clerks are working hard to keep up with verifying the signatures.

Most signatures have been gathered at events and in public places. On the day of the Women’s March alone, over 2,500 signatures were gathered. We just opened our Field Office in Boise and are preparing to launch our statewide door-knocking effort.

With a start like this, we are inspired to reach the necessary 56,192 signatures it will take to get Medicaid Expansion on the ballot.

 Why Expand Medicaid?

Because 90% of the cost of Medicaid Expansion is covered by federal dollars, and, without Medicaid Expansion, our federal tax dollars are going only to the states that HAVE expanded Medicaid.

Meanwhile, Idahoans who are not covered go without necessary diagnostic and wellness care.

Since they don’t have insurance, many wait until their illness or injury gets so advanced, they have to go to the emergency room. 

The ER is the most expensive form of health care, especially for illnesses that could have been treated in their early stages by primary care health providers. 

Idaho taxpayers & those who DO have insurance are footing 100% of the bill for these ER visits through our Catastrophic and Indigent Care funds.

We invite all Idahoans to join our effort to get health care to the 78,000 people who desperately need it and to bring our tax dollars back to Idaho.

To get information, print petitions or join our campaign, go to

Thank you,

Click here to find out how to join a team near you. 

To join the Boise team, please contact:

Sam Sandmire 208-859-0560

Tracy Olson 208-870-0639

Ada County Co-Chairs – Medicaid for Idaho

An Initiative of Reclaim Idaho


The Medicaid for Idaho campaign is a project of Reclaim Idaho, a non-partisan, volunteer-led organization that advocates for strong public schools, protected public lands, and affordable healthcare for Idaho's working families. Learn more about our team and our mission at